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For the price of a few bags of groceries ($300), you vote for a better connection to the sources of your food. You support a local business. You join a fun group that's making a difference in our community.

In order to open the Arroyo Food Cooperative we need as many member-owners at the full $300 level as we can get. But you can start out with as little as $30. Please note: state laws limit membership to California residents only and investments are limited to $300. If you are at your maximum investment already, consider donating to the Co-op, or making a loan to the Co-op instead.

** Note: please do not enter or email addresses. Despite our appeals, att is blocking our emails as spam.

Becoming a member is simple...
1 - If you've previously registered on this site then enter your name/password in the "User login" box to the right.
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(Not previously registered? Then skip this. Your membership will register you automatically.)
2 - Read and accept the following membership agreement (Click one of the links at the bottom of the page.)
3 - Choose your membership level on the shopping cart page
4 - Pay via credit card via our secure gateway

You'll immediately receive a payment receipt by email. After a few days, you will receive a disclosure statement and owner receipt that acknowledge you as an official owner-member of the Co-op! Your credit card will show a charge in a few days from "ARROYO FOOD CO-OP" for the amount you select.

To learn more, read our Frequently Asked Questions page. You can use the links below to join online, or if you prefer to join via snail-mail, you can download our membership agreement (PDF), fill it out, and mail it in with your check.

Arroyo Food Co-op Membership Agreement

I hereby apply for membership in the Arroyo Food Cooperative, Inc. (the Co-op). With my investment as further described below,
I become a member and part owner of the Co-op. Member-owner equity is used for the development, operation, and expansion of this Altadena-area business.

Membership is subject to terms and conditions that will be set forth in the Co-op’s Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Policies, copies of which I shall have access to via the Co-op’s web site. Benefits of membership include: special membership discount days/coupons, ability to vote in board elections and run for a board seat, and possible patronage refunds after profitable years.

Shares may be owned by an individual, a household or a business. Shares may not be transferred. Each individual, household or business member has one vote per issue/candidate submitted to the members for consideration, no matter how many shares a member owns. Each household and business must decide for themselves how they want to cast their single member votes. No fractional votes will be allowed.

Currently, there are two ways to invest in the Co-op:
a) a full investment of $300
b) an initial investment of $30, then at least yearly investments of $30 until full investment of $300 is reached. Any patronage rebate will be credited toward your Co-op investment until such amounts bring your investment up to the full investment level. With this exception, full member rights begin with the first payment. Failure to make timely payments will result in your membership becoming inactive. Inactive members may reactivate by paying past-due amounts.

Ask how you can contribute to, or benefit from, a scholarship program.

Note: Once the full investment is made, no additional investments are necessary unless the member-owners authorize an increase in the membership investment amount.

I understand that my investment is subject to the same risks inherent in any start-up enterprise, and that such risk may result in the loss of part or all of my investment funds.

Upon notice in writing to the Co-op, I may resign my member-ownership. My accumulated investment balance (without interest but including any accumulated patronage refunds), with the exception of a $10 processing fee, will be refunded when the Board of Directors determines the Co-op is in a financial position to do so. This will be no sooner than two years after the official store opening. I understand that a refund may take some time and I agree to this waiting period. I also understand that I can donate this money to the Co-op by writing to the Co-op, specifying the amount and date of the donation. If I move and do not provide a current address to the Co-op, I understand that I forfeit the right to receive a refund.

New Members: I accept this agreement

Existing Members: I again accept this agreement

Not sure if you're fully invested? Click here to ask us

By becoming a member online, you are acknowledging that you have read our Terms and Conditions. Our Refund Policy is described in our bylaws and is summarized on our Refund Policy page.

The Arroyo Food Co-op takes your privacy seriously and does not sell, trade, or give away any of the information we collect. Please read our Privacy Policy for details.

Questions? Ask the site admin by using the Contact form.

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